AWS Essentials for beginners

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In this course, we cover all the topics that are related to Cloud Practitioner Exam using the Zoom class. We will do hands-on training with each topic along with the extensive exercise of exam questions. Our expert trainer will definitely help you to get certified on AWS.  We also help to set up your own AWS account so that, you can practice all the exercises from the comfort of your own home.

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This course is designed to teach following topics

  • IAM
    • IAM best practices
    • Create a group in IAM
    • Create a user in IAM
    • Set password policy
    • Enable MFA
    • Create billing alarm
  • EC2
    • Create Instance
    • Generate PPK file and connect to the instance using putty
    • Take snapshot
    • Increase EBS volume
    • Create a Security Group
    • Create Auto Scaling load balancer
    • Create a Lifecycle Policy
  • RDS
    • create instance MySQL
    • create instance aurora
    • create snapshot
    • restore from snapshot
    • increase disk space
    • assign a security group to RDS
  • S3
    • create a bucket
    • setup web hosting in s3
    • Glacier setup
    • setup CORS in S3
  • SNS
    • How to create an SNS topic
    • How to add a new recipient
    • Test and SNS topic
  • CodeCommit
    • Create a repo
    • Create a branch
    • Commit files
  • CodeDeploy
    • Create a deployment application
    • Create a deployment group
  • CodePipeline
    • Create a code pipeline to ec2
    • setup CI/CD pipeline
  • VPC
    • create a VPC
    • Create an internet gateway
    • Create public subnet
    • Create private subnet
  • Systems Manager
    • How to set up systems manager
    • Create a role and assign to EC2 instance
  • CloudFront
    • Create a CloudFront CDN for the website
    • Create a CloudFront CDN for the S3 bucket
  • CloudWatch
  • SQS
  • Lambda
  • CloudFormation
  • QuickSight
  • GuardDuty
  • AWS Shield
  • Exam Topic Discussion
    • Cloud Practitioner
    • Solutions architect associate
    • SysOps administrator


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